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The “Gæðingakeppni” is the most widely spread form of competition on horseback in Iceland. There are many reasons or this, for one it is in very much line with the old traditions around the Icelandic horse and in the Gæðingakeppni the special characteristics of the Icelandic horse can be expressed better than in other competitions. Traits like spirit and character, form under the rider and the power that lies within, together with the free and simple form of the competition make it easy to approach the horse in a positive manner and thus to show the horse at its best.

The Icelandic member association, Landssamband Hestamannafélaga  (LH),  has the exclusive authority to maintain the rules and guidelines used to judge performances in Gæðingakeppni competition.  

The formal rules are published in the Rules and Regulations of LH (mostly chapter 7).

These documents related to the rules and judging of Gæðingakeppni are published by the official bodies in Iceland:

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