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http://www.worldfengur.com - WorldFengur is the official FEIF register of the Icelandic horse breed. It was established in year 2000. WorldFengur is an offer by the Icelandic government to create a global register in cooperation with FEIF. The database consists of unique identification of each horse, pedigree information, information on breeders, owners, offspring’s records, photos, results on breeding evaluations on the Icelandic stock and results from assessments. The backbone of the database is the unique identification number (FEIF ID-number) of each horse.

To obtain access the user must apply to the Farmers association of Iceland (BÍ): www.worldfengur.com.

Currently the number of registered horses in WorldFengur is more than 470.000 horses dead and alive. The FEIF member associations in Austria, Australia, Belgium, Canada, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Great Britain, Iceland, Italy, Liechtenstein, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Slovenia, Sweden, Switzerland and the USA have some or almost all horses born in their nation state registered in WorldFengur.

The process of registering the data on each horse is a heavy demand on each of the subscribing FEIF member associations. In some of the countries this work has hardly started. Outside Iceland registering of horse data in WorldFengur is performed by voluntary people. - It takes time – but every new day means new horses and new information to WorldFengur.

All 21 FEIF member associations support the idea of the cooperation project of WorldFengur. The aim of the project is the creation of a global register for the total Icelandic horse breed. The national associations of have all signed a subscribers agreement with the Farmers association of Iceland (BÍ) for this purpose. If any of you would like giving a hand to support the registering in WorldFengur of horses born in your country don’t hesitate to contact your national association. There are many different ways of being together with the Icelandic horse!

WorldFengur is available on line. Click here to download the WorldFengur documentation. Click here for WorldFengur news.


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