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Alexandra Montan Gray is  a graduate of Hólar University where she got her degrees in training, instructing and judging. She is a sport- and gæðinga judge and has been judging since 1998. She has been active in the Sport Department of the Swedish Icelandic Horse Federation (SIF) off and on since 2002 and  she has had the pleasure of being a member of the Sport Committee in FEIF  before getting elected into the board.

After she completed her studies at H
ólar she returned home to Sweden where she got involved in developing the Gæðingakeppni in Sweden with the help of other enthusiasts . It has really taken off so now there are new enthusiasts in the Sport Department in Sweden, continuing the work. Alexandra is still very interested in continuing the work of spreading Gæðingakeppni to others. She had the honor of  being the team leader for the Swedish gaedinga team at the Nordic Championships 2016 and she was a part of the organisation of the Nordic Championships held at her home farm of Margaretehof in 2018, where she also judged the gæðingakeppni competition.

Right now Alexandra rides more for leisure but has some competition experience. She has competed in all ranges of competition, from smaller club competitions to the World Championships.As she doesn’t compete so much at the moment, she takes more jobs as judge and announcer on competitions and shows, a job that is both challenging and fun!  As often as possible she tries to go to Iceland to visit her families horses at their farm Margrétarhóf, situated between Selfoss and Hella in the south.

With her background and experience from different areas within the Icelandic Horse community, sher brings to the table the ability to see the different sides of many topics and her wish is to put that ability to use as a FEIF board member.



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